Robert Rosolanko

Robert Rosolanko returns to the Syracuse area as often as possible. While many may simply think of the college football team or the blustery winters of Syracuse, there’s so much more to this area of upstate New York. Robert Rosolanko will take the charm of Syracuse, New York, over the hustle and bustle of Manhattan any day of the week. This page will provide a glimpse into the many available activities to take advantage of during their time in Syracuse. While fun can be had in any season, Robert Rosolanko strongly recommends Syracuse as a summer vacation destination.

The Rosamond Gifford Zoo is one of the very best zoos in the entire Northeast. Located at Burnet Park, people of all ages flock to take in the hundreds and hundreds of animals that call the zoo home. One of Syracuse’s most historic destinations, the Rosamond Gifford Zoo has been welcoming guests since 1914. With more than 43 acres of land, those who visit should expect to be there all day long – at least if they want to see all that the zoo has to offer. Many of the zoo’s exhibits are located indoors so it’s a great place to visit even on a cold winter’s day. The zoo is open all year long, so Robert Rosolanko of Syracuse notes that many locals will purchase an annual pass.

Robert Rosolanko notes that one of the best places to watch a game in the country is the famous Carrier Dome located on the Syracuse University campus. Not only has this famous dome hosted some of the best college football games in the country since 1980, it is also the home for basketball, lacrosse, ice skating, and even non-college events like concerts and comedy shows. The Carrier Dome is a great building and a great place to take in entertainment. Speaking of indoor entertainment, you just know that Syracuse is going to have a spectacular mall. Robert Rosolanko notes that Syracuse is home to the latest shopping center in the state of New York. Destiny USA is more than just retail shopping stores. There are countless restaurants, nightlife and entertainment options and more. Destiny USA hosts many different events throughout the year, so Robert Rosolanko recommends looking them up if you find yourself in or around Syracuse.

For those who love science and technology, the Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science and Technology is a must-visit in Syracuse, New York. Robert Rosolanko notes that this is not a museum that only appeals to children. People of all ages can learn something from this hands-on science museum in Syracuse. Those who have been before will want to return as the museum recently expanded to 35,000 square feet to fit in more exhibits and a public planetarium. Robert Rosolanko of Syracuse notes that Syracuse also has a beautiful art museum in the form of the Everson Museum of Art. One thing of note about this museum is that it is the first museum in the country only to feature American art. The building is a piece of art as architect I.M. Pei designed a sculpturally inspired building.

Anyone looking to impress their friends with a fact about Syracuse will know that the area used to provide the entire country with salt. The Salt Museum is located close to Onondaga Lake and has plenty of exhibits and artifacts that show how salt water in the area was turned into just salt.

Those looking to take in a bit of the arts during their time in Syracuse should look to visit the Syracuse Stage. The Syracuse Stage has been hosting shows and plays since 1974. The Syracuse Stage not only features classic shows but also helps debut shows for the first time. It’s always fun to see a show just getting its start and then seeing where it goes after the Syracuse Stage.

Finally, Robert Rosolanko will always find a way to visit the Syracuse Hall of Fame. Initially founded in 1986, it celebrates all of the incredible athletes from the area. There are more than 200 members of this hall of fame and plenty of memorabilia is available to view. There are plans to grow the museum into a larger venue, so check for the most recent address.