Robert Rosolanko On Famous Celebrities Who Found Sobriety

Robert Rosolanko

Having spent most of his career in fields that assist those struggling with addiction, Robert Rosolanko knows for a fact that those in recovery can inspire those in need of assistance to seek out help for their addiction recovery. Because of this, Robert Rosolanko wanted to use today’s blog to point out some famous celebrities who overcame addiction and have gone on to achieve new heights in their sober lifestyle.

One of the most inspiring recovering addicts from the world of music is Elton John. More than 30 years ago, Elton John hit rock bottom from drug and alcohol abuse. In asking for help, Elton John found a new life that has allowed him to produce countless songs and tour his music across the globe. Robert Rosolanko believes we can all take inspiration from someone who had the courage to turn their life around.

While some people have very public battles with addiction, some celebrities who check into rehab come as a complete shock to the general population. The same can be true in the real world as not all addicts show erratic behavior to coworkers, family members and more. When actress Eva Mendes checked into rehab in 2008. Mendes has talked openly about the fact that checking into rehab was the best decision she ever made.

One celebrity who has been anything but shy about his drug and alcohol addiction is British comedian, Russel Brand. Before he got clean in 2002, Brand was fighting a four-year heroin addiction that had taken control of his life. Since attending rehab and finding sobriety, not only has Russel Brand starred in huge Hollywood movies, but he has headlined comedy tours where he discusses sober living and much more.

Zac Efron has been sober for a decade now. Robert Rosolanko notes that Efron points to the pressure of fame and media attention for driving him towards alcohol and drugs. Many who battle addiction first turn to substances like alcohol as a coping mechanism only to find that the substance has them losing control. When Efron decided to enter rehab in 2013, he has claimed that it helped him realize all of the rewards that come from a sober lifestyle. Efron’s story is an important one as many addicts struggle to give up the lifestyle because they are so focused on what they perceive they are giving up. It can be incredibly rewarding when a person reframes their thoughts to focus on all that they gain from changing to a sober lifestyle.

Arguably the most influential rapper of a generation, Eminem’s battle with addiction mirrors a lot of people’s journey. When friends and family were reaching out to try and help, Eminem would cut them off and express anger for them not understanding his need for prescription pills. It took a nearly fatal overdose for things to click and Eminem to realize that he needed help to turn his life around. Having worked with Elton John on previous projects, Robert Rosolanko notes that Elton John provided advice to Eminem that helped him turn his life around. Former addicts who changed their lifestyle are often the first person an addict seeks when they make the decision to get serious about living free of drugs and alcohol.

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