Robert Rosolanko Of Syracuse on The Best Summer Activities in Syracuse

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Rosolanko Of Syracuse on The Best Summer Activities in Syracuse always jumps at the opportunity to go to Syracuse during the summer months. While most of the country may know Syracuse best for its sometimes brutal winter climate, those who visit in the summer are in for a real treat. Robert Rosolanko notes that there are countless activities to enjoy during the summer months and its why many students of the famous Syracuse University decide to stay in the area over the summer months. Today, Robert Rosolanko of Syracuse will discuss a few of his favorite summer activities in the area.

A fan of baseball, Robert Rosolanko always enjoys taking in a Syracuse Mets game. The minor league team has a great stadium, and they are always offering up fun specials to try and draw in as many spectators as possible. If you have kids, the Syracuse Mets offer a much more fan friendly experience than their Major League counterparts.

The music scene in Syracuse is extremely popular amongst locals. Robert Rosolanko recommends at least a visit or two to St. Joseph’s Health Ampitheater at Lakeview. Not only do concert goers get to listen to a number of great musical artists, but major comedians are known to visit the St. Joseph’s Health Amphitheater at Lakeview. If you can, Robert Rosolanko of Syracuse recommends seeing a show at night as the lights on the Onondaga Lake provide the perfect ambiance for a memorable summer’s night out.

Another great activity for those traveling to Syracuse with kids is the Rosamond Gifford Zoo. Like other great modern zoos, there’s an accompanying aquarium that is jam packed with aquatic life. There’s also a full array of tigers, monkeys, and all the other classic zoo animals spectators love to see up close.

One of the things Robert Rosolanko of Syracuse loves most about the summer season is getting the opportunity to enjoy some exercise in the great outdoors. Green Lakes State Park plays host to countless hikers and swimmers during the summer months. There’s also the opportunity to rent a kayak or rowboat and enjoy a peaceful workout on the lake. The area even offers special overnight camping packages to those who are looking to enjoy a night’s sleep underneath the stars in the moonlight.

No summer evening out is complete without a round of mini golf. Big Don’s attracts families from across Syracuse, because it not only features 18 holes of competitive mini golf, but it also has laser tag, a rock-climbing wall and several mazes.

Some other classic summer nights out can be had at the famous Finger Lakes Drive-in. People of all ages love taking in a move from the comfort of their car. Many tourists have never been to a drive-in movie theater, but it’s a great place to create some memories that can last a lifetime.

As you can tell by reading this blog, Robert Rosolanko of Syracuse believes that Syracuse is one of the best places in America to spend time during the summer months. Those who have experience with the brutal Syracuse winters hold a special place in their hearts for the summer season, and the whole town comes alive in celebration and appreciation.

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